To missionaries who struggle with the situation of the pandemic…

Maria Elena, Cintrón, MD

In these times of trial, caused by the pandemic, we can be saddened to the point of depression. For some it is hard to come out of such sadness because they feel isolated and confined. In times like these, we should seek God’s nearness by trusting in Divine Providence. We should know that our Heavenly Father will give us the help we need and the consolation we long for. God will also give us the strength we need to continue our apostolate with joy and enthusiasm. Our intimate union with God and the Blessed Mother is the source of strength and joy. They will even help us endure the loss of our loved ones. Those who do not cling to their faith in Divine Providence during difficult times, as we see our father and founder doing during the time of WWI and WWII and many other occasions, will fall into deep sadness. When we learn to find God and the Blessed Mother in our daily lives, we won’t need anything else. Our souls will be lifted to joy and peace.