Through the Present Storms with the MTA


Sheila Horinek, Nebraska


I am Sheila Horinek. I coordinate rotations of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother in the Salina Diocese, Kansas, and in the Lincoln Diocese, Nebraska. We are in the middle of the two dioceses. We are circulating the image of the Pilgrim MTA in the Southwest Nebraska since 2017, and shortly after, in the Northwest Kansas area.

The strong devotion and love for Our Lady and Mary’s protection are the highlights of my experience as a missionary. We have remained healthy in our small area throughout the pandemic. I should add that we have also experienced protection from storms. There has been only one reported case of COVID in Nebraska around here, and no reported cases close to us in Kansas. Therefore, we have continued to move the image among family homes as scheduled.  In Kansas there are four shrines. It was left up to each group to decide how to handle the rotations. Some groups keep the shrine moving and other groups decided to keep the shrine in one home until the restrictions were lifted. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to honor the memory of John Pozzobon. We can be grateful for the spreading of the devotion to the Blessed Mother and the rosary and to continue to spread the devotion of the rosary through the MTA shrine.  

I hope I can continue helping to spread devotion of the rosary and the MTA shrine encouraging all to storm Heaven with our prayers asking for their guidance and protection during this pandemic and unsettled time in our country.