This month of October, in the midst of so much uncertainty, we turn to our Mother and Queen and implore her intercession. According to the following reflection by Father Kentenich, the Rosary is not only an opportunity to pray through Mary’s intercession, but also a chance to grow in likeness to Mary–especially in her obedience to God.

Words from Father Kentenich about the Rosary:

Mary is endlessly great. The saints tell us that when God was about to create mary and to design a plan for her, he create her in an ecstasy. That is why Mary became a unique masterpiece of his power, wisdom, and kindness. Mary is enlessly great like the ocean. We stand at the shore. Before us lies the immense expanse of the ocean. We can see the other shore when we look across a river, for example, the Rhine. We can see the other shore. But we cannot look across the seas. They, too, have a shore far beyond, but the surging and swelling waves stretch endlessly; we cannot look across. Similarly, so the saints tell us, Mary is not infinitely great like God, but endlessly great like the ocean. God lavished his power, wisdom, and love on Mary. She is a whole world to herself, very close to the Triune God.

Through the Rosary we grow in likeness to Mary. In our soul is the urge for greatness. Through the Rosary we become apparitions of Mary. If we have remained noble and have retained a sense of purity, then we begin to pray before the sun image of Marian greatness and glory: Mary, I would like to become like you. Oh, if only I were like you. Oh, if only I were you.

Mary is the sun-image of human, of womanly, in fact of creaturely dignity. When we see her, we must feel the urge awaken in us: “Mother if only I were like you.” No one of us is foolhardy enough to think that we will come to resemble Mary completely when we pray the Rosary often with devotion. True, the Rosary makes us apparitions of Mary, but apparitions of Mary on a small scale. The Rosary makes us a shadowy reflection of Mary’s glory… Let us never forget that the Rosary wants to and can make us a wonder of wonders on a small scale…

Father Joseph Kentenich, May 1945.

The Rosary, English/Spanish


1. Make The Sign of the Cross (Haz la señal de la Cruz).

2. Say The Apostles Creed (Reza el Credo de los Apóstoles).

3. Say the Our Father (Reza el Padre Nuestro).

4. Say three Hail Marys (Reza 3 Ave Marías).

5. Say the Glory Be to the Father. (Gloria al Padre)

6. Chose the Mysteries of the Rosary. ( Escoge los misterios que vas a rezar)

7. Announce the First Mystery (Anuncia el Primer Misterio); then say the Our Father (Reza el Padre Nuestro).

8. Say ten Hail Marys (Reza 10 Ave Marías) while meditating on the Mystery (mientras meditas en el Misterio).

9. Say the Glory be to the Father (Gloria al Padre).

10. Announce the Second Mystery (Anuncia el Segundo Misterio); then say the Our

Father ( Reza el Padre Nuestro). Repeat steps 7, 8, and 9 and continue with the

Third, Fourth and Fifth Mysteries (Repite los pasos 7, 8 y 9 para el Tercer, Cuarto y

Quinto Misterios) in the same manner.

11. Say the Hail, Holy Queen (Salve) on the medal after the five decades are