Am I a Coordinator or a Missionary?

The Coordinator

A coordinator is the person who helps to organize the circulation of the images of the Pilgrim Mother in a particular area. He or she becomes a liaison between the missionaries, the Schoenstatt Movement leadership and or the parish priest in the particular area. This person may consider him or herself an instrument of the God and of the Blessed Mother in a special way. Without having to coordinate the rotation of each individual image, this person makes sure that the necessary formation and information is provided as needed. This refers to newsletters, dates of special events, or workshops.

The Missionary

The person – or couple – who becomes responsible for the rotation of a Pilgrim Mother, at least for one year.  He or she seeks families who will receive it, schedules the visits. The missionary may motivate the circle of people who receive the image to meet occasionally in order to learn more about our faith or the Schoenstatt spirituality

So that the missionary does not see his or her task as an isolated activity among many others ministries, training is provided in which 3 particular topics are covered: the three graces from the Schoenstatt Shrine, which are the graces that image brings; the Capital of Grace, and with that the spiritual commitment of the missionary; and, the life and charism of D. Joao Pozzobon, whose spirit we want to keep alive through this simple apostolate. His love for Mary and his spiritual attachment to the founder of Schoenstatt, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, are a great inspiration for everyone.

The missionary makes a commitment for one year.  This can be renewed as many times as the person wishes to do so.  This is done within the framework of a rite. The state or area coordinator can provide the missionary with the information regarding the moments to renew the commitment. Otherwise, find on this website a page for Renewal of Annual Commitment. 

Those who receive the image of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother should give her a place of honor in their homes or workplace, entrust to her their worries and anxieties, trust in her intercessory power, and keep a prayerful atmosphere near the image. They are encouraged to pray the Rosary and reflect on how the story of Christ and Mary touches their personal and family lives. At the end, thank her for the blessings received, contact the missionary who coordinates the visits, and pass the image on to the next person.

The image rotates with a number of flyers, prayers, and manuals. The missionary may also include information pertaining to the life of the local faith community, the parish, the diocese, and our Catholic faith in general. Schoenstatt literature is also provided in order to make the visit of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother much more meaningful.