Truly I say to you, unless you become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven

Mt 18:3

Do whatever he tells you!

Jn 2:5

I must speak with God like a child speaks with his father, just “as it comes naturally,” even if it not written that way in any book.

J.Kentenich, Childlikeness Before God

We want to be children of the Father, because we are brothers of Christ, i.e., children of the Father who follow the example of the onlybegotten Son of God.

J.Kentenich, Switzerland, 1937


How do I join?

The Children’s Pilgrim MTA is intended for children and teenagers. They take on the role of missionaries of the Pilgrim MTA and place themselves as instruments of the Blessed Mother to evangelize other children and teenagers. They strive to draw others closer to the Mother of God and her Divine Son.

Children can participate in the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Apostolate by forming groups under the supervision of an adult.  This person could be a parent, coordinator, or teacher in a Catholic school.  The following suggestions may help organize a missionary children’s group.


Missionary children’s group

Introduce the Children’s Pilgrim MTA

and explain the Blessed Mother’s title and mission

Present them the children’s book:

“Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother for Children.”

Explain the material included in the book.

Invite them to consider forming a group with their siblings or friends

Emphasize that the decision to participate should be made with inner freedom, not because “someone wants me to do it.”

If a group is formed, show the children how to formulate the rotation sheet and explain how it works

This would be done with older children. 

If the children are younger, the adult should take more responsibility for the rotation of the Pilgrim MTA.

If the group is formed in a school setting, the teacher(s) could decide how the Pilgrim MTA will rotate among the classrooms or with children taking the Pilgrim MTA home.

Provide the group members with prayers

for Children or the Children’s book

After the children have participated in the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Apostolate for a specified time, they may be invited to seal their Covenant of Love

The adult leader should prepare them for this rite.  There is a Children’s Covenant of Love Ceremony that can be used.

It is essential to conduct follow-up activities

with the children and to foster Schoenstatt spirituality


The MTA Educate All Children

Sylvia Jimenez, Tx

She has two Pilgrim MTA for Children circulating at the school, where she works.

Modalities of the Pilgrim MTA

Pilgrim MTA For Families

The visit of the Pilgrim Mother makes it possible to evangelize families, forming small communities within the larger parish community.

Pilgrim MTA For the Sick and Elderly

The Pilgrim MTA stays with each sick and Elderly person for several days. The missionary also accompanies their family, observing the spiritual or material needs of each one and referring them to the specific pastoral care of the parish to which they belong.

Pilgrim MTA For Children

Children can participate in the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Apostolate by forming groups under the supervision of an adult.

Pilgrim MTA For College Students

To be a missionary of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother for college students does not take much. You can share this gift with a few or many of your friends.

Pilgrim MTA For Prison

The Blessed Mother travels in the form of a pilgrim shrine to whoever welcomes her, no matter where they are. If you minister to people in prisons you can obtain a Pilgrim MTA for this purpose.

Auxiliary Pilgrim MTA

These images are destined for either a diocese, for a Diocesan Shrine or for a larger specific apostolate, under the responsability of a leader or a coordinator of a specific area.