Prayerful Pause


Dennis and Ginny Emmons, Pennsylvania


Dennis and Ginny Emmons are from the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They began rotating their image of the Pilgrim Mother in 2013. They share with us the following:

Her grace-filled pilgrimage visits are devotional times that cause us to focus away from worldly distractions and toward the glories of eternity.


During the time of the pandemic, we have stopped our rotations and asked our participants to call each other on the scheduled day “of delivery” and remind the next family to pray the Rosary with Our Lady. Besides acknowledging our Mother Thrice Admirable, we stay in contact with the next family. At present, we are aware of the 70th anniversary of the beginnings of the Pilgrim Mother in Brazil, thanks to the communications received. Indeed, without John Pozzobon the growth and success of the program would be unlikely. 


It was our prayer that we could begin our rotations again in September but the continuing spikes in the coronavirus have caused us to pause. We continue to pray with Our Lady of Schoenstatt for the best way forward.


Let us join the Emmons in this prayer for finding the best way to continue forward with our apostolate amidst the many challenges and the manifold effects of the virus.