Our Main Task: Save the Families!

Joao Pozzobon several times commented on the meaning of the apostolate he took upon his shoulders. Among such comments, we find one with relevant significance for us in our times:

 The main objective in our times is to save the families with our strength to strive for holiness, that is, by imitating Mary in reflecting the Christian justice [of living] one for the other, of a new conquest of the dignity and respect for the human person, with all its values, and to get to know those in greatest need. Place yourself at the service of God!”

How do we interpret his words today?

Marcelo Ycaza, from Florida replies:

 We are here to be at the disposal of our Mother and Queen. Each one is called to be ready, yes: “You, you, and me! Place yourself at the disposal of God and of the Blessed Mother!” It is hard to believe that we are called to be her missionaries, and that through it, we are greeted with such mercy and tenderness.

Dennis Emmons, from Pennsylvania responds:

 Seventy years ago, our Lord called Servant of God John Pozzobon to evangelize the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Schoenstatt, to the people of his native Brazil by carrying her image into their homes. From this beginning, Our Lady is now on pilgrimage, going into homes of people in over 42 countries. John recognized the love and joy that Our Lady brings to those who not only open their homes but their hearts as they prayerfully participate in her pilgrimage. Each pilgrim experiences her abundant grace, seeks to imitate her holiness and realizes, that no matter who we are, Our Lady offers the protection of her loving mantle to each of us.

 Today we continue to carry the Schoenstatt image to one another in the manner of John Pozzobon. We seek always to share the Blessed Mother’s abundant gifts, especially her gift of love for every person.  She is our anchor, the one we turn to in these most trying times.

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How do these words from John Pozzobon echo in your work with the Pilgrim Mother, today, here in the USA, with all the circumstances that surround our homes and families?