Missionaries are those who…

…take the Pilgrim MTA and become responsible for it.  They seek families who will receive it, schedule the visits, trying – if possible – to schedule homes which are not far apart from one another.  This makes it easier for the Pilgrim MTA to travel, thus strengthening the faith community in the area. It is very important that the parish priest be informed of the work which the Pilgrim MTA missionary is doing.

 To fulfill this task, the missionaries may receive formation and necessary training.  Where a “Diocesan Coordinator Team” exists, this team is responsible for providing the  training. Otherwise, the missionaries should contact their State Coordinator or the main offices in Waukesha.

 The missionaries make  their commitment for one year.  This commitment can be renewed as many times as the person wishes to do so.  This is done with a rite.

 The missionaries take the image of the Pilgrim Mother to homes, families, schools, nursing homes, or wherever she may be received worthily. Those who receive the Pilgrim MTA make a commitment  to give the MTA a “place of honor,” to pray the rosary, or to say a prayer which  is special for the family.  If at all possible, they receive the Pilgrim MTA on the same days of each month, rotating the image every three days.