Living the Covenant with the Pilgrim MTA

My name is Kathleen Andrews and I live in Illinois. I first began to bring the Pilgrim MTA (Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt) to nursing homes with another Schoenstatt member about a year ago. We would sit in the social room of the nursing home and pray the rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet with her friend who lived there. We spoke about our MTA, how we relied on her and turned to her in everything. I also went a few times by myself, just me and our Mother, but then COVID-19 hit, and no one was allowed to come in.

After this, I brought the image of the Blessed Mother to the home of anyone who was suffering with an illness, recovering from surgery, or had problems that caused them anxiety. Our Lady would stay with them for a week or two. I also left some literature to introduce Schoenstatt and told them a little about what Our Lady had done for me!

Recently I began bringing our Mother to public events. This picture is from the America Needs Fatima Rosary Rally held in front of Planned Parenthood this October. Since one of the promises of the covenant of love is: “It will please me to dwell in your midst,” I wanted her with me! The promises continue, “and distribute gifts and graces in abundance.” I felt we needed those gifts and graces at our rally. But there is more: “I will educate them to become useful instruments in my hands.” I need this education and the guidance of our Mother’s loving hands to be a useful instrument.

I have also begun bringing our Pilgrim MTA to the monthly prayer vigils in front of Planned Parenthood. Another promise of the covenant of love is: “From here I will draw youthful hearts to myself.” The Pro-life movement needs more youthful hearts participating.

Bringing our MTA to public events reminds me why I am there. It is great to see my friends there and socialize afterwards, but that’s not my real purpose. It is to give glory to God and to be a useful instrument in our Mother’s hands—to fulfill two of the demands of the covenant of love: “to bring contributions to the capital of grace” and to “pray fervently.”