International Coronation

Queen of Health

Physical and Spiritual

Join the international Schoenstatt Family
Offer the crown to the MTA
for the end of the coronavirus.

All missionaries of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother are called to join the international crowning stream of #Coronamater as a response to the coronavirus. Our trust in the MTA moves us to place this great concern into her hands.
At times, when John Pozzobon would be confronted with extremely difficult situations he would pray to the MTA and then say: “The Mother has already arranged everything!” This expression can be compared to the powerful acronym our father and founder often used: MPHC! (Mater Perfectam Habebit Curam!) The mother takes perfect care!
With childlike confidence, we will crown the MTA as Queen of Physical and Spiritual Health on April 15. Why on that day? Because it is the day when our father and founder wrote his letter to the Schoenstatt Families from Brazil inviting them to take the picture of Mary into their homes and give her a place of honor. Mary, in turn, would take care of turning their homes into shrines, into islands of love and faith.
As we unite with the #Coronamater stream of the international Schoenstatt Family we give Mary a place of honor and trust that she will take perfect care. She will be victorious!

We can crown the Blessed Mother many times,
but this time we will all do it together.