“I kept the Pilgrim Mother for many years and she remained with us!”

“I kept the Pilgrim Mother for many years and she remained with us!”

Elizabeth Amy

I received the visit of our Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA) back in the mid 90s for the first time. During those years, I was part of a group of Argentinian Mothers who received the Pilgrim Mother for one week each month. We would circulate the image during the month between four families. Each time we received the MTA or brought her to another family, we would pray a decade of the Rosary. At home we prayed with my two sons for our needs and the needs of other friends, we also gave thanks; prayer was a part of our lives. I did this for a couple of years but then the group ceased to exist because some of the families went back to Argentina.

 Then a few years later, my oldest son asked me to try to receive the visit of our Pilgrim MTA to to our home once again. He wanted us to pray for one of his elementary school teachers and his lacrosse coach who was very ill with cancer. So, I contacted a few people and finally I was able to be in touch with Maria Sazonov, who was living in Virginia and belonged to the Schoenstatt Movement. She was very kind and brought the image to our home. I agreed with her to find other families to receive the image. Many years after having the Pilgrim MTA I learned that Maria had died soon after I met her; my prayers are with her. I was told that Maria was a woman of faith who loved our MTA, the Schoenstatt movement in DC & VA, and all the people that came into her life.

 I was not successful in finding new families to receive the MTA, but my two sons, me, and the person working at my house, started to pray for my son’s teacher and other intentions. At that time, I did not know that I could not keep the pilgrim image if it was not going to other families, so I kept the Pilgrim Mother for quite some years. Both of my sons finished high school as well as college, and our MTA stayed with us all through these important years in my sons’ lives and for me as well. I realized that the MTA knew what was best for us and she remained with us.  Up to this day, I can pray with my sons and go to our MTA and ask her for help, we have grown in faith in God’s love and in his divine providence. When my sons were searching for a job and sometimes it took longer than expected we prayed and learned to trust and be patient. This was a great gift! To have my sons connected to God our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and our dearest MTA it is the best thing ever! I continue to pray for them that they remain close to God and the Blessed Mother.

 In 2014, when my children were already living on their own, I decided that it was time for me to return the MTA image to the Schoenstatt Movement. I contacted the person responsible for the Pilgrim MTA images, Enrique Soros. I told him that I was ready to return my Pilgrim MTA to Schoenstatt because I did not have a group. He said to me: “Why don’t you try being a Missionary?” It was 2014, the big jubilee year of Schoenstatt’s centennial. There was a big celebration with Holy Mass in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and there I was with my MTA saying yes to her for a third time! This time the MTA brought me closer to her and to the Movement. I have to say that the celebration had a strong impact on me and I felt especially loved by my dearest MTA.

 I grew closer to the Schoenstatt Family, met more members and other religious, attended workshops, mini retreats, and this time I was able to find families willing to receive our dearest Pilgrim MTA. One of my pilgrim images has been with a group including myself for the last five years and we have become strongly bonded as a group and firmer in our faith as individuals.

We are more involved in our parish, conducting Bible studies, being in the choir, volunteering as Eucharistic ministers, praying the Rosary every day with other parishioners, attending Mass during the week, feeding the hungry, and serving the less fortunate. To me these are all signs of how much our MTA has transformed all of us. She is present in our lives.

 Finally, in 2018 I made my Covenant of Love with our MTA in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The covenant took place at the shrine on December 8, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception! As I reflect, I see how in time, the covenant has transformed me taking me into a new level of love and trust in the MTA. I walk with her, hand in hand; I have a more intimate relationship with her. This deep relationship has extended into my prayer life with God the Father and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit—this is a gift! Thank you, my dear MTA!