Health and Unity for the Family

Laura Doane

Chicago, IL

My most treasured experience, one that I am most grateful for, is to be able to collaborate with the MTA in the Rosary Campaign. I want to highlight the peacefulness and the togetherness of my family.

We have been participating in this apostolate over the last six years and have been closer knit as a family. We started in Schoenstatt because we thought it was a field trip. It was at the time when we visited the shrine in Waukesha, in pilgrimage, with our parish priest. 

My nephew was suffering of Hodgkin’s disease, with a stage 3 cancer lymphoma. We petitioned our Mother to take care of him. And she did! Today he is in remission. We have found out that having faith in our Lady and praying the Rosary has brought us closer in family unity. It has also enabled to be the stabilizers in our family. For example, at this time, we are going through another crisis. Being close to the MTA has helped us to be the ones who remain level-headed in our family. Right now, we have a niece who is suffering from leukemia and has been in the hospital for the last seven months. We pray for her and we pray for her family. She has triplets and another child; four in total. All of them are teenagers. We pray for them!

The MTA has been our strength, keeping us focused on what are our priorities. She has kept us united as a family praying for one another. This is what being involved in Schoenstatt through the Pilgrim Mother has meant for me.