Good Memories of the Pilgrim Mother

Judy Harlow, Wisconsin


Judy Harlow has served the apostolate of the Pilgrim Mother in the diocese of Milwaukee for many years. She lives in Kewaskum, WI. Today she shares her experiences with us. 

The Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother has been welcomed into homes in Kewaskum since the mid-1990s. Midge Swanson, a member of our Mirrors of Mary Schoenstatt Mothers group, was instrumental in getting the rosary campaign started after being urged by Sr. Elizabeth to do so.  

Originally there was one group of participants, and a second was added five or six years ago. The group included young and old alike, some from the Kettle Moraine Gardens Senior home and most belonging to Holy Trinity parish in Kewaskum. The Director of Religious Education from the parish belongs to it, too.

Among the fruits of the visits of the Pilgrim Mother, I especially remember that after my mother passed away, I would feel a bit sad at Christmas until I was able to have the Pilgrim Mother for the 23-24-25 of the month. Suddenly it hit me: My mother—the Blessed Mother—was with me for Christmas! This was a special blessing!  

Another special blessing was having the opportunity to pray the rosary with a dear friend, Maria Stadelmann, the day before she passed away. While visiting her that day, she asked my husband and I to pray the rosary with her. That is a memory, a gift, I will never forget. 

I have had a special connection to the rosary since early grade school years when I would walk to my church in October and May to say the rosary with other parishioners at St. John de Nepomuceno in Milwaukee.

The Christian Women at our parish have sponsored a Living Rosary in October since 1962. I never miss attending. We draw strength from the visit of our Mother and Queen and at the same time remember all those who were in the group but have been called to their eternal reward. 

During the pandemic, Midge and I decided to keep the Pilgrim Mother in our homes. She certainly helped me through the lows of our quarantine. Midge began rotating the Pilgrim Mother in July, and on August 1st, I took her to a neighbor to start our rounds again.

I am amazed to see that it has been 70 years since John Pozzobon started the Rosary Campaign. Midge and I are looking forward to taking part in the Living Rosary at Schoenstatt on September 10. John is one of my heroes. He is a modern-day saint! Like Father Kentenich said, people can become saints by doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. John certainly did this! We are proud and happy to carry on this tradition!