Fruit of the Pandemic: Twenty Homes for Mary

Connie Motta, Wisconsin

When the pandemic started, the rotations of the Pilgrim Mother had been canceled until further notice. Because of the circumstances we knew that it was best to bring the image of the Blessed Mother in a way that it could permanently stay in the homes, as it had been suggested to do with the Keepsakes. In September 2020, we saw the possibility of resuming the rotations. We invited a family to receive the image of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother. They were very happy; it was the second time that the Blessed Mother would visit them.

The different families in the town of Whitewater, WI, who circulated the image of the Pilgrim MTA (Mother Thrice Admirable) were eager to get started again with her visits.

On September 20, Father Mark Niehaus, Schoenstatt Father, the pastor at St. Patrick’s Parish in Whitewater, celebrated Holy Mass for the whole community and presented to us with the images of the MTA that we could take into our homes. He talked to us about the graces which Mary brings into our homes when we entrust everything to her. He told us how we can offer to Mary our work and how everything that God allows us to experience is for our good. We just need to entrust ourselves into the hands of the Blessed Mother; she continues to bring her graces. At the end of the Mass, Father Mark invited everyone to open the doors of their homes to Mary. We should allow her to help us and to bless us.

Twenty families came forward and expressed their willingness to take the picture of Mary into their homes. These families were not only willing to receive several visits of the Pilgrim MTA for a few days, but to find a permanent place of honor in their homes for the MTA Keepsake that Father Mark had blessed. Those who wanted to give Mary this permanent place of honor had to dedicate a simple corner of their homes to the MTA.

This event was a beautiful opportunity to reach out to more families in this community, because Father Mark is not able to visit all the families. However, through this celebration he was able to call forward these families and hand over to them the blessed images. This brought much joy to the families in a time of many difficulties. It brough them much hope, too. During a time when it was so hard to come together for religious gatherings and experiences, they felt very happy to take Mary into their homes. These families also crowned the Blessed Mother with a small crown as Queen and Protectress of their Homes, trusting that Mary will lead them to our Lord.

Father Mark also sent out a missionary of the Pilgrim Mother, when these twenty families who came forward took the opportunity to open their homes to the Blessed Mother. We thank God for the instruments who had the inspiration to offer this event for families in St. Patrick’s Parish.

The image of the MTA was close to the altar of Holy Mass each Saturday. All the faithful would see her during the weeks prior to this celebration. They could come to pray the Rosary, to greet her, and consecrate themselves to her. One can also find a picture of the MTA on one of the side walls of the Church. However, not everyone knew her title and the graces she brings into our homes. With this event, we brought this message to the awareness of the faithful. It was such a gift to see how these families opened themselves to Mary. They will experience her as queen and mother in their homes. The greatest joy was to see how special these families felt, knowing that they had such a sign of hope among them.

Now, we share this joy with you. May we remain open and willing to make this simple commitment of opening our homes to the Blessed Mother in a permanent way.