Continued Healing

Joann Baird, San Antonio, TX

My name is Joann Baird. I made my covenant of love in 2015 to our Blessed Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt.


The pandemic made traveling the Pilgrim Shrine, impossible, but saying the rosary and praying for family and friends’ needs could still be done. 


I noticed in October 2020 that I was losing weight without much change in my diet. My doctor said, I was probably eating better by not going out to restaurants. But, I felt something was wrong. So, I started praying to Mother Thrice Admirable for answers. Finally, six months later and 45lbs less, I went to a specialist. Many tests were done but no definitive diagnosis. So far, no cancer diagnosis. Praise Be to God and Mother Thrice Admirable. The doctor admitted I was a challenge. The doctor ruled out many diseases, for which I was glad I didn’t have any of those problems. 


I kept praying to Mother Thrice Admirable for answers: My body has become antibiotic resistant and had stopped absorbing nutrients. I have some type of auto-immune problem. At my last visit, my doctor mentioned that he was sorry that he could not give the answers we needed and sought. But, he remarked: “I know your faith and prayers are your strongest healer.” He said he had thought about me after my last visit and showed my case to his group and no one could explain what was happening to me. He told me my faith will get me through this challenging time…



I give my all to God and the intercession of Mother Thrice Admirable for continued Healing!  May God’s will be done!