Closer to God During the Pandemic

Lina Maria Londono-Castrillón

Diocesan Coordinator of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother

Archdiocese of Miami, FL

I want to greet you from the state of Florida where, as you know, the pandemic has hit us hard.

My husband Andres and I, Lina Maria, had been receiving the Pilgrim Mother for the last 15 years, but during the pandemic it became difficult to rotate it. Fortunately for us, we have our home shrine, which has been for us a great spiritual and emotional support during these months.

With so much uncertainty around us, caused by COVID 19, people in the world have felt helpless, vulnerable.

With the Blessed Mother’s presence in our home, during the pandemic we were very concerned about the future of our company and the families who work in it. Not knowing what could happen to the economy, we were not clear about what the appropriate decisions would be to continue. Our Mother, settled in our house to give us serenity and confidence in her, to take away the fear of closing the company and strengthened us so that we do not feel vulnerable to contagion.

Thanks to the Mother Thrice Admirable, who was with us in our home shrine, we increased our time with our holy Mother and with God, we prayed the Rosary at least once a day, attended the Holy Mass online several times per week, or daily, and devoted time to read spiritual books and to deepen our faith. In addition to the inner transformation, we felt peace and joy.

After all this time of uncertainty and prayer, we understood that our Mother wanted something different from what we already had been doing as an apostolate and helped us realize that we are her instruments.  Little by little with her silent work, the Blessed Mother put me in charge of the Diocesan Coordination of the Pilgrim Mater of Miami, and with the confidence that produces having my Mother nearby, my answer was a definite YES.  I am sure it came from God’s will as well.

The pandemic without the Mater at home would not have been what it was. It brought us closer to God and to the Blessed Mother. After this intense time of prayer, we received many graces, and we feel stronger to do God’s will.