Christmas Letter

Blessed Christmas!

Christmas 2021

Dear Coordinators and Missionaries,

As we celebrate Christmas and approach the end of the year, we also look ahead to a time of uncertainty firmly convinced that Divine Providence guides our missionary journey. We leave behind a unique time in which our work as missionaries has been tested. But the Blessed Mother always showed the most effective ways of remaining her missionaries in daily life.

Throughout the past months we have wanted to “fire up the missionary spirit” among us and in the people who receive the image of the Pilgrim Mother. During these days of the Christmas season, we want to kindle the light of hope in the heart of all those who benefit from the visits of the Pilgrim MTA, that they may know and experience the love of God incarnate. His love shall continue to shine throughout the coming year!

The new year also brings changes. Sister Maria Victoria Villalón (262-522-4352) is now the national coordinator of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother from the main offices at the Father Kentenich Hall, Schoenstatt Center, Waukesha. Working together with her, Sister Gabriela Maria (262-522-4326) will continue to be the contact person for ordering materials. As usual, you can always visit our website for more information or to request literature or orientation. 

Our work of bringing the image of Christ and Mary is today more meaningful than ever. Our people are in great need of connecting with God with faith and trust. Our small steps bring much hope to our people, as we step into their porches, apartments, classrooms, office spaces, or sick rooms. We need God more than ever and our apostolate sparks the flame of faith in many of our people. Are we ready to continue with our mission in spite of the many challenges we face in daily life? With deep faith we embrace a new year of missionary work.

Let us spiritually unite before the crib in Bethlehem, where our Savior King is being born! There, we hope to receive the light, the peace, and the joy our hearts need in order to share it with the world, with the people of our times.

I wish you a richly blessed time of Christmas and a new year filled with the presence of our Lord and his Mother! May they continue to guide your missionary steps!



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