Blessings, Joy, and Peace!




Christmas 2018

Dear Missionaries,

May the light, peace, and joy of this Christmas season fill your hearts!  As we welcome the image of the Mother Thrice Admirable into our homes, we open our doors to the mystery of God among us.

We’ve worked hard to bring the love of God to many people. For example, we look back to the time when we met at our International Schoenstatt Center in 2017 for our last annual convention. At that time, we decided to consciously put the hand to the plough of the new evangelization through the apostolate of the Pilgrim Mother. Throughout the past year we prayed the Rosary emphasizing the three graces from the shrine, focusing on the love Mary had for Christ.

Today, we find ourselves wanting to accompany our Church with our prayers more than ever before. We may not forget that in the Schoenstatt Shrine the Blessed Mother waits and thanks us for our daily gifts of love. Let us make sure that we, at least once a day, intentionally offer to the Blessed Mother a contribution to the capital of grace: a prayer, a sacrifice, a good deed, a kind word, a pain, a sorrow, a frustration, or an accomplishment — for the Church!

At the dawning of 2019, we look ahead to a new year and prepare for another national encounter on June 27 – 30,  2019. Save the date and register soon! This time, we will focus on the covenant of love. That is our gift for the Church! We will reflect on it as a powerful tool of evangelization in our times. If we unite our hearts to Christ and Mary, through our live bond of love, we can be sure that we will experience transformation. We will learn patience, forgiveness, willingness to make sacrifices and to resolve conflicts peacefully. We will also learn to gently, but firmly, lead others back into the fold of our Catholic Church. More on these topics during the convention weekend! You can look forward to it!

Enclosed you will find the registration form for the convention. If you have a question, call us at the office of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother, 262-522-4357. Further information will be posted on the website in January 2019:

May our Mother and Queen continue to bless, guide, and protect each of you! May your Christmas be a time of coming close to God! Our Lord has made us instruments of his beloved mother through our fruitful apostolate. At the crib, we bring our cherished apostolic memories to Baby Jesus. We give thanks for these and look forward to sharing the fire of Schoenstatt’s charism throughout 2019!

United in the covenant of love with the MTA,