Blessed Mother’s journey into new missionary territory up in the Tacoma, Washington

This is a little report on Blessed Mother’s journey into new missionary territory up in the Tacoma, Washington area. 
After moving here from Texas last summer, it was in my heart and always my prayers, the question: “what can I do to try to make Our Lady of Schoenstatt known here?  In all the new people I met, no one had ever heard about Our Lady of Schoenstatt. No one had ever seen her picture of grace. 
I did meet up with one lady who had been to the Original Shrine–she was German, and her daughter is the director of the youth ministry at our Parish. This I felt was a message from Father…a little opening light… like Father’s law of the open door. 

Small Beginnings

I moved here with one Pilgrim MTA from Texas and my Home Shrine. My lifelines. Each time I looked at the little Pilgrim Shrine, I felt the Blessed Mother was asking me: “Ok, when are you going to take me out?  What are you waiting for? There are many hearts waiting for me.”  Yes…I heard her and yes, I did wait a little. She knew all about my concerns and questions…I have to wait for approval, go about this in the right way…and my question: Is there anybody in this area from Schoenstatt that can help me, Blessed Mother? In my heart, I was so sorely missing my Schoenstatt family and all the bonds in North Texas. May these bonds never be taken for granted. But here now was a brand new mission. Maybe to build a new Schoenstatt family here. Blessed Mother would help.  First, she directed me to John Pozzobon.  Anita Mitchell with the SRC in Fort Worth, Texas, sent me the John Pozzobon Novena and told me that John will definitely help and always answers prayers…sometimes in surprising ways. Began praying this immediately, asking for guidance.  Then, came help from Sister Corelia who put me in contact with Sister Deanne who then directed me to Marge Rolen, who heads up the SRC for Oregon.  Had wonderful conversations with Marge who told me about the Rosary Campaign in Oregon and in the tri cities of Washington. She gave me the confidence and direction to meet with my Pastor and then to do what I could.  Heavenly help and answered prayers! Last October,  I met with our Father Jerry Burns, who is the Pastor of St Andrews in Sumner and St. Cosmas and Damien in Orting.  After presenting an overview of Schoenstatt and introducing to him the Pilgrim Mother who sat with us very present on the desk, Father Jerry gave approval for the Rosary Campaign to begin in the two parishes. He sprinkled holy water on the little Pilgrim Shrine and gave me a blessing for the mission. Am so deeply grateful to Father Jerry for giving his”yes” to Our Lady.  He is a true Son of Mary. So, here began the mission…with 3 Pilgrim Shrines sent out from the Confidentia Shrine in Lamar (last picture below) and 5 Shrines sent out from the International Shrine in Waukesha (4th picture–Pilgrim Shrines on Home Shrine of Little Bethlehem). Today, our little Pilgrim Mother is currently out on visitation in 8 Shrines and thanks to Sister Isabelle, we’ve been blessed with one Shrine for the blind—the lady who received her is overjoyed and already has givenstrong testimony to the miracles of the Pilgrim Mother.  

First Commissioning

This week, we celebrated the commissioning of our first new Missionaries. Blessed Mother and John Pozzobon sent heavenly helpers!  On March 2nd, Father Jerry commissioned John and Tracy Lentz at St. Andrews. There in the first 3 pictures below, you see the new Missionaries standing right beside St. Peter. They have asked to serve as co-missionaries of 2 Pilgrim Mother Shrines.  Tracy is the secretary at our Parish and her husband is a member of the Parish Men’s Club. We are so grateful to our MTA who called them, and for their generous and loving “yes” to the call. We entrust all to our dear little Mother on this sacred mission in this new place.   In service of Jesus and our dear Blessed Mother, Patricia Bowlin