Blessed from Her Place of Grace


Diane Czerwiecki, Massachusetts


The Pilgrim Mother has been traveling here in In Massachusetts [MA] since the 1980s. When she visits the homes, schools, nursing homes, etc., people feel a sense of peace and security and especially during these COVID times. People feel less fearful and anxious when the Blessed Mother is with them.

As precautionary measure, we obviously are not rotating the Pilgrim Mother in the schools or nursing homes at this time, but with the grace of God, she will be visiting them soon! The groups are using basic measures such as social distancing and wearing face protection when passing the Blessed Mother from home to home.

For the 70th birthday of the Rosary Campaign we are participating in the John Pozzobon novena every Thursday until September 10th.  We are excited to be able to offer this novena because it makes us feel more a part of our international movement. As we pray this novena, we experience what a powerhouse of prayer we become when we offer our work as missionaries to the Blessed Mother through the apostolate begun by John Pozzobon.

Here in Westfield, Springfield Diocese of Massachusetts, we are especially grateful to our Rosary Campaign members because they played such an important role in helping Schoenstatt of Massachusetts build our Place of Grace in 2017. Not only were their financial contributions so important, but their prayers and sacrifices offered to the capital of grace made it possible for us to open the doors of our Schoenstatt House to the MTA and turn the garage into a close resemblance of the shrine. The continued support, prayers, and sacrifices of our missionaries and other Schoenstatt members keeps our Place of Grace filled with the beauty of the MTA; it’s her abode. From her throne, she can dispense much needed graces and blessings.

The picture shown presents Carol Brut and Irma Luna-Cartagena, two members of the Mothers League. They are also missionaries of the Pilgrim Mother. This was taken in our Place of Grace here in Westfield, Massachusetts