How do I get involved?

How Can You be Part of This? 

  • Contact information for your local Pilgrim Mother coordinator on the website or at the Schoenstatt Center nearest you.
  • Contact the coordinator if you would like to receive the image of the Pilgrim Mother.
  • If you are interested in becoming a missionary, i.e., one who organizes the circulation of an image for at least one year, gather 6 – 10 families or persons who will receive the image once a month.
  • You may choose the outreach ministry you would like: schools, nursing homes, homebound, and so on.
  • Become acquainted with the Schoenstatt Shrine, its graces, and its history. That will help you share the image and its message of evangelization more effectively.
  • Settle on a date and time when you will receive the image and begin rotating it among your group.
  • Talk to your parish priest about this apostolate that you would like to begin.

For Those Who Receive the Image

  • They should give her a place of honor in their homes or workplace, entrust to her their worries and anxieties, trust in her intercessory power, and keep a prayerful atmosphere near the image.
  • They are encouraged to pray the Rosary and reflect on how the story of Christ and Mary touches their personal and family lives.
  • At the end, thank her for the blessings received, contact the missionary who coordinates the visits, and pass the image on to the next person.