New Throne

for our

Blessed Mother

Enthronement of the Image of Grace

at St. Andrews Parish in Sumner, Washington

We want to share the joy in our hearts, and the great blessings received! On August 22nd, the feast of the Queenship of Mary, the long-awaited day we had prayed for, finally arrived. Our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt took her throne at our Parish of St. Andrew’s. Our Lady surprised us on this day with the gift of four priests for the Holy Mass. On the altar, we had the blessing of Father Hugo Tagle from the Schoenstatt Austin Shrine as the main celebrant; Father Jerry Burns, our pastor; Father Clement, our past parochial vicar; and Father Alex Trejo from St Andrews Parish in Ellensburg as concelebrants.

Our Lady also brought many more hearts than we ever anticipated. It was planned for at most about 50 people, and we had over 100 in attendance. At the end of Holy Mass, the image of Our Lady was carried to her new home. A group of our missionaries and pilgrims lovingly prepared this place with a garden of white and yellow roses to welcome her. Father Hugo led us in a beautiful enthronement rite and blessed the image. Then the moment came when she took her throne! A moment of many emotions and tears of joy. Heaven touched the earth.

Father Hugo explained that the Mother of God of Schoenstatt would reveal her power in this humble little corner. He added that, interestingly, this particular spot holds all the electrical switches and a fire extinguisher for the church. She will protect us! After this, there was a big round of applause! 

After Holy Mass, we had the gift of commissioning six new missionaries! We then invited all to a festive brunch celebration. The dear pilgrims who prepared the food were worried when they saw so many people entering the hall, but our dear Mother assured us there was more than enough for everyone and some leftovers! One of our pilgrims baked a beautiful enthronement day cake decorated with the image of grace.

This day, August 22, 2022, will forever remain in our hearts. The Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt has come to dwell with us. From her throne, she will dispense graces in abundance. With her motherly love, she will hear our petitions and bless all who come to pray with her. This day was a beautiful answered prayer. We are forever grateful. “Nothing without you, dear Mother, Nothing without us!”


In gratitude and love, by Patricia Bowlin  |  Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother – Rosary Campaign | Tacoma, Washington