A New Beginning in the Midst of the Pandemic


Patti Bowlin

We are blessed to begin a new tradition with our Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother! On January 18, we came together for the first time to join our hearts to remember Schoenstatt’s Founding Day and the first Covenant of Love. We share some pictures from our very first “18th Day Devotion” at St. Andrews Parish in Seattle, WA. 

 We are thankful that many of our missionaries and pilgrims were able to come to pray the Rosary and attend holy Mass together. Our pastor, Father Jerry, gave permission for us to bring our Pilgrim MTA Shrines and gave a beautiful blessing. After Mass, we prayed the consecration prayer, My Queen, My Mother and also offered a special prayer for our country.

 With the graces of our Mother Thrice Admirable, we will continue this tradition every 18th of the month uniting ourselves with the Schoenstatt family all over the world. We give heartfelt thanks for the gift of this new beginning!