Fire up the Missionary spirit!


Dear Missionaries of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother,


Soon our national convention will take place in a unique way, as we connect across the USA, reaching out to our parishes and dioceses. We know that our apostolate cannot be fulfilled without the valuable contribution of each missionary. In the same way, the outcome of our convention depends on the input of every one of us. Therefore the call this year is:

Fire up the missionary spirit!


We particularly focus our attention on the missionary spirit as it burns and brightens the Domestic Church. The pandemic gave us countless opportunities to creatively open new venues of apostolate in the midst of lockdown and confinement, illness and economic distress. There are many stories, anecdotes, testimonies, and memories to inspire one another as we resume a new-normal life.


The call and request goes to you, missionaries across the USA!

Send us your story, anecdotes, or testimonies, no later than July 30, 2021.

          • By August 4, 2021, you should receive a package with testimonies, prayers, and petitions, for you to prepare the program at your parish, in your Schoenstatt center, or in your home shrine with missionaries and receivers of your area.
          • On September 4, 2021, at 9:00 AM (CST) we plan to connect for an online Holy Mass and be sent out to our parishes and dioceses, to share the fire of the MTA with those around us.
          • Between September 4 – November 18 we invite you to reach out to those in your area: make arrangements to present and share the material. On November 20, we hope to connect and share the experiences of our unique type of convention. Stay tuned for details!

Each one of you can ignite the fire!

Send us your anecdote! In a 3 minute video tell us about one episode when, where, and how the genuineness of your missionary spirit was proven in the pandemic time. Tell us:

            • what happened,
            • how the Blessed Mother prove herself, and
            • how the people were gifted with her presence.

Send us your testimony! In a 10 – 15 minute video tell us about your experience with the Pilgrim Mother during the pandemic time. Tell us:

            • how the Blessed Mother impacted the Domestic Church in your parish, dioceses, or among the receivers of your neighborhood.
            • What was different? What was the outcome?
            • How will you follow up in the future?

Send us your story! Write up in your own words what has been the most significant experience with the Pilgrim Mother during the pandemic.

          • How did it affect your home or the home of someone else in particular, among the circle of your receivers?

 We kindle our flame with the fire of the Holy Spirit!

As we set forth with a new plan, we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to give us the grace, the guidance, the focus, and the fruitfulness we need to accomplish God’s work of evangelization. Let yourself be inspired! But also, keep in mind the following details:

Be mindful of the minutes specified for the recordings. It will be difficult to utilize material that exceeds the time.

          • Anecdotes = 3 minutes
          • Testimonies = 10 – 15 minutes
          • Write ups = 1 sheet

The best device for video recording is your cell phone. Most of their cameras and microphones are excellent. Make sure you use it horizontal, so that the image fits well on the computer. Speak loud and clear!

Find a friend who can edit the video for you, and add the graphic included in this email.


Contact us to send your material or to keep in touch with us for any questions: / 262-522-4326.

Blessings to all as we fire up the missionary spiri!


We thank Maia Wyler for the Convention Logo:
Convention Logo in English

When you are ready to work with your videos and testimonies, or to prepare the material for your parish or Schoenstatt Center, contact us at: We will email you the logo in English with a higher resolution. 

Please add one of these short clips at the beginning of your testimonial video. Thank  you!


Logo de la convención en español

Cuando usted esté listo para trabajar con el video de su anécdota, testimonio, y materiales impresos en español, contáctenos por email Le haremos llegar la gráfica del logo en alta resolución.

 Por favor, añada este corto audiovisual al video que prepare con su testimonio. ¡Gracias!