Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother

With the main objective of evangelizing families and individuals, the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother, also known as the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, reaches out to everyone, promoting Christian values and renewing the life of prayer in homes, schools, and wherever people search for God. As part of the Apostolic Movement of Schoenstatt, this apostolate is one of the most effective ways of making a reality the new evangelization needed in our modern times.

It began in Brazil in the year 1950, in the Schoenstatt Shrine of Santa Maria, Brazil.  In 1976 it extended to other countries in South America. In the year 1985 for the centennial celebration of Father Joseph Kentenich’s birth (founder of Schoenstatt, 1885-1968) the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign was launched at an international level. Since then it has continued to spread through all continents with the same strength as it did at the beginning.

When the image of the Mother Thrice Admirable is blessed and sent out from the Schoenstatt Shrine, it is similar to Mary who went to visit her cousin Elizabeth bringing the presence of Christ with her. Mary, too, carries Christ into our homes, serves our spiritual needs, and works miracles by interceding for us before the throne of God.

In addition to encouraging the Rosary prayer, the apostolate of the Pilgrim Mother promotes our consecration to Mary. In Schoenstatt we do this through a covenant of love with Mary.

Christmas Letter

Christmas LetterBlessed Christmas! Christmas 2021 Dear Coordinators and Missionaries, As we celebrate Christmas and approach the end of the year, we also look ahead to a time of uncertainty firmly convinced that Divine Providence guides our missionary journey. We...

The Rosary Make Us Like Mary

This month of October, in the midst of so much uncertainty, we turn to our Mother and Queen and implore her intercession. According to the following reflection by Father Kentenich, the Rosary is not only an opportunity to pray through Mary's intercession, but also a...

National Convention – Fire Up the Missionary Spirit!

Fire up the Missionary spirit!   Dear Missionaries of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother,   Soon our national convention will take place in a unique way, as we connect across the USA, reaching out to our parishes and dioceses. We know that our apostolate cannot...

A Little Bonus from John Pozzobon

A Little Bonus from John PozzobonBy JUDY HARLOWAll who are closely associated with Schoenstatt know the story of John Pozzobon: A brief conversation with a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary (and some nudging from the Holy Spirit) in 1950 prompted John to became a very strong...

May 31, 2021 – Original Shrine

May 31, 2021 - Original ShrineIn early May, Pope Francis called the Church to pray the Rosary “with the concrete request for an end to the pandemic.” At the end of this “prayer marathon” on May 31, Pope Francis will pray from the Vatican Gardens and many other...

“I kept the Pilgrim Mother for many years and she remained with us!”

“I kept the Pilgrim Mother for many years and she remained with us!”“I kept the Pilgrim Mother for many years and she remained with us!”Elizabeth AmyI received the visit of our Mother Thrice Admirable (MTA) back in the mid 90s for the first time. During those years, I...

The Lady with the Blessed Mother

The Lady with the Blessed MotherThe Lady with the Blessed Mother  Ana Rosario Santos Cleveland, OhioMy name is Ana Rosario Santos. I want to share with you a little bit of the story of how I got to know the Schoenstatt Movement.  In 2002, walking down a hallway...

Lead to the Mystery of Easter—Our Covenant

Lead to the Mystery of Easter—Our CovenantFrom among the many elements of the Easter liturgy, there is one particular action that draws us directly into the mysteries of salvation: the renewal of the baptismal promises. Baptism is the first consecration that we ever...

Pentecost Congress in 2022!

Help Schoenstatt prepare for its Pentecost Congress in 2022!In keeping with our practical faith in Divine Providence, Schoenstatt seeks to interpret the signs of the times and project its work, tasks, and mission into the future. Help the international leaders of the...

Misión Rosario

Sergio & Madeline Cardona, de Schoenstatt, colaboran con una iniciativa internacional de rezar el rosario por la paz del mundo. Aquí ellos comparten con nosotros una invitacion para sumar nuestros rosarios al caudal de esta iniciativa.Juntos por una gran Misión:...

Discerning Our Apostolate

Discerning Our ApostolateVerónica González, Tampa Bay, FloridaOn Friday, February 12, we had a first meeting for some of our parishioners to discern whether we want to be missionaries of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother in our parish of St. Cecilia in Tampa Bay. We had...

We Go to Joseph!

We Go to Joseph! Sister M. Anna AstellIn a year dedicated to Saint Joseph what could be more fitting than to take time to raise our hearts and voices to the earthly guardian of our Lord and of the Blessed Mother. Sister M. Anna Astell, from the Schoenstatt Sisters of...

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Jewels from John Pozzobon

Deacon John Pozzobon (1904-1985) was the instrument God used to begin the Campaign of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother, first in Brazil, and later, at an international level. From the following thoughts and phrases, we learn his attitude and disposition toward the mission entrusted to him: to bring Christ and Mary into the lives of others.
I often got wet in those days, but I wore a raincoat. So the Blessed Mother didn’t get wet, because I protected her under my raincoat. 
What strikes me most about these visits is the wonderful way Our Lady conducts herself and is present, because all doors open to welcome her. All hearts open, both rich and poor, clever and ignorant.
  Dec 8, 1972
My first encounter with Schoenstatt dated from the day I started the campaign, and then I started a new life, a different life. 
The development of John’s deep prayer life did not mean that he cut himself off from the world. On the contrary, we see in him a growing openness and solidarity with others. In the first place we see it with his wife and seven children whom he called his “seven jewels.” 
Dear Mother, in case the strong winds blow the doors of the shrine closed, here is a petition. Please do not let the door close without letting my heart be locked inside. I want to remain at all times your faithful son. Bless me.
April 29, 1954
Dear Mother and Queen, as I renew my consecration for the 31st time, I acknowledge that you accepted my nothingness like that of a little child and I continued to grow for the formation of your shrine. And I continually found wonderful treasure.
Dec 8, 1983

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